Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Girl with hat, a renewal of Spring…

It could be Spring, it could be just the call of the Birds to open up to the scent of Flowers and the
youth of a young girl who is opening to Life

Friday, October 3, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Greeley park art show in Nashua. A great success

Jacqui Hawk

Gilberto Garcia

Jacqui HAwk, Gail Sergievicz and myself

Yong Chen painting Alison Bankosky

won first prize for "Liz and Madeline's party in Portsmouth" Painting

Bob drinking to get energy

and the prize winners are!!! with Jayson Gleneck

Diane MC Lung and myself

our president Jacqueline Barry

Hilda Bennett

my booth

with Hsiu Norcott visiting

Gilberto visiting

with Silvia

100 Market street new show in Porstmouth, NH

Madeline under the painting"The dream of Madeline"

I can see Paulina in the midst

Great turnout at the 100 Market street in Portsmouth new juried art show.
 We got there in the pouring rain but nothing is more bohemian that an rain soaked artist!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Opening at the Bowersock Gallery in Provincetown

“Spring Preview” introduction 6 new artists and celebrating 6 with the gallery since opening in 2004
May 2nd with a reception from 6 to 8 and runs through May 20th.

y will open for its tenth season with a nod to the new and homage to its history. The “Spring Preview” will introduce six new artists and highlight the work of an addition six that have exhibited with Bowersock since it opened in Provincetown a decade ago.

 “Spring Preview,” which also includes a Salon Style exhibit of the Bowersock’s stable of more than 30 artists
 "There is no question the success of this gallery is due to the incredible caliber of artists we’ve been fortunate enough to represent,” Curator/Co Owner Steve Bowersock said. “Most the current artists have been with us for more than five years, in addition to the half-dozen that have exhibited with us from the start.”
“The other important element of course is the incredible loyalty of our patrons that have supported the gallery and artists all these years,” Bowersock added. “This is truly something to celebrate, and we fully intend to. It’s going to be a year of incredible shows – and a few parties along the way.”

“Spring Review” officially introduces a half-dozen, new artists. As always quality and voice are the common denominator, but that’s where the similarities end.
 “Our gallery is physically small. We can’t bring in new artists without great thought. We look for something more than technical expertise, something that strikes and stirs a viewer, and then lingers,” says Gallery Manager/Co Owner Michael Senger. “It’s that quality, that ‘something’ beyond technique, that drew us to these artists.”
 The new artists include painters, a sculptor and a photographer. Many exhibit nationally, are award-winning artists renowned regionally or nationally - both emerging and established artists.
 Painter Marilene Sawaf is widely known for her vividly colored, intricately-patterned figurative and portrait works, reminiscent of Medieval and stained glass art, and the stylizing of Oriental carpets.
Tryna - Bear Kirkpatrick
Painter Julie Cyr’s work includes quirky, humorous animals along with a more sophisticated, painterly canvases, depicting a broad range of subjects.
 Photographer Bear Kirkpatrick has quickly made a name for himself with his striking portraits, reminiscent of classic paintings, each with an intriguing story.
 Susan Anderson is Bowersock’s first porcelain sculptor. Her stylized, delicate works are often mistaken for metal.
 The exhibit includes a rare collection of book illustrator Carey Armstrong Ellis’s oils, - wonderfully humorous representational still-life.
 Painter Kim Ferreira will exhibit charming works that are deceptively whimsical, threaded with deeper stories.
 The collection of works by artists celebrating the 10-year anniversary is equally varied.
 They include: painter Darlou Gams’ extraordinary tonal landscapes and figurative works; Christopher Gowell’s classic, regal bronze sculpture, painter Patricia Kaufman’s intense, color exploration within dreamlike landscape and figurative works; mixed media artist Lauren Pallaro’s nonrepresentational spatial/color works, Sculptor Jeanne’ McCartin’s piercing emotional explorations and painter Steve Bowersock’s beautiful and jarring surreal journeys.
 “This is going to be an exceptional year. The artists we represent have proven their excellence as well as their appeal,” Bowersock said. “We believe the new additions will do the same, and be with us 10 years from now. Till then, let’s celebrate good fortune and exceptional art.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Lassonde Juried show

This year again I was part of the Lassonde juried show at the Levy gallery in Porsmouth. Here is the painting that was selected, a painting of Madeline and her cousin Carolyn with a view of the show